Events of minor note are said to occur upon the surface of this planet, but let us not concern ourselves with such miscellany.

Good evening, internet user.  I can tell you’ve come here looking for some answers. “What is this all about?” you’re asking. Well, read on and allow me to be of very little help.

Around 13.8 billion years ago the universe as we know it came into an exceedingly hot, dense existance. Some time later I decided to write a blog about it. So welcome. Welcome to that very blog.

You’re right. ‘The cosmos and everthing in it’ isn’t the most focused of topics for a blog, I’ll grant you that, but it is the most interesting. You see, there are exploding stars, planets, non-exploding stars, galaxies, explosions of unknown origin, and warring intergalactic empires (the latter two may or may not be connected, but I’m afraid I’m not permitted to say any more on the matter).

My name is Andrew and I’m a Ph.D. student currently working on gravitational wave research at Cardiff University. I’m lucky to be a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration*, a worldwide group of scientists that aims to make the first direct detection of gravitational waves, and to use them to do astronomy.

Outside of my main work I like to talk about sciencey stuff at public events and in schools (and now, rumour has it, on the internet). I also play the guitar, golf, and enjoy endangering others with my attempts at cooking.

*all opinions expressed on this blog aren’t even my own


  1. jwing1

    Just back from the annual astronomy night at my daughter’s grade school. Largish telescopes are brought to campus, the local astronomy club cheerily holds forth on the solar system, AU, Europa, etc. The otherwise bright children are nonplussed, and stand somewhat disconsolately in line to peer at things in the outer darkness. It is really odd how for granted we take all this vast madness. Even (and maybe especially) the kids. The Hubble Deep Field is made to appear as homely as George Washington’s apple tree. Why and how?!

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